Sinn Fein IRA

The Truth          

Sinn Fein IRA just like the shamrock on this page are masters of spin, terrorists with Armani suits,  they sit in government while their evil crimes against the ordinary people of Northern Ireland and the mainland United Kingdom are quickly forgotten,  by a British Labour government prepared to sell off Ulster at all costs.

Sinn Fein like to pose before the international media and world opinion as a national liberation movement seeking to achieve the freedom of their people and country from enforced British colonialism.

On closer examination one discovers the truth to be somewhat different. At every consecutive election, the overwhelming majority of the people of Northern Ireland, in a free and democratic electoral process have voted to maintain their British citizenship and retain the integrity of the kingdom.

Despite their rejection at the ballot boxes, Sinn Fein hope to succeed in their objectives by bombing people into an acceptance of their doctrines.

Although Sinn Fein attempt to draw a distinction between themselves and the Provisional IRA, claiming to be merely the political wing of the Republican movement, the reality is that they are a political front for the IRA and membership of the IRA and Sinn Fein is widely over-lapping.

Brian Murphey, former TUC Press Officer, said of Sinn Fein and the IRA 'I... their denials of direct links are a little too pat and well-rehearsed to be convincing." (Tribune 10.6.83). The statements by Sinn Fein leaders reveal not only their active support for violence, but also their active encouragement of it.

Sinn Fein IRA's Real Pot Of Gold

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